Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section BEA -- Body -- Air Scoop

Ref. No.
BEA 1Air Scoop, R.H.A079B4126K *1
Air Scoop, L.H.A079B4127K *1
BEA 2Fixing, Air ScoopA079B4125F *4
BEA 3Grommet, Air ScoopA075U6058Z *8
BEA 4Rubber WasherA036L6019ZD *8
BEA 5WasherA075W400ZA *8
BEA 6Nut, NylocA075W3000ZD *8
BEA 7Air Scoop, Plenum Assy, R.H.A079B4190J *1
Air Scoop, Plenum, R.H.A079B4128K *1 Part of Assy.
Plenum Adaptor, R.H.A079B4130K *1 Part of Assy.
Air Scoop, Plenum Assy, L.H.A079B4191J *1
Air Scoop, Plenum, L.H.A079B4129K *1 Part of Assy.
Plenum Adaptor. L.H.A079B4131K *1 Part of Assy.
BEA 8Screws S.T.A075W5015ZG *8
BEA 9Spare NutsA075W6013ZE *8
BEA 10Tailgate Ventilation Duct AssyA079B4189J *2 Also includes grille BEA 16.
Tailgate Ventilation Duct. UpperA079B4132K *2 Part of Assy.
Tailgate Ventilation Duct. LowerA079B4133K *2 Part of Assy.
BEA 11Bezel, Ventilation Duct.A079B4134K *2
BEA 12Foam, Seal, Inner 1" x 1".X054B6110VJ *1 2m length
BEA 13Screws S.T.A075WS028ZF *4
BEA 14Screws S.T.A075WS029ZL *12
BEA 15Spire Nuts.A075W6014Z *12
Not Illus.Trunking, LH. Ventilation Duct.A079B4074K *1
Not Illus.Hose Clips, L.H. Trunklng.X036S6006ZF *2
BEA 16Grille, Bezel.A079U4546F *2
BEA 17Engine Cover Inlet.A079B4135K *1
BEA 18Foam Seal.A036B6221VK *1 600mm length
BEA 19Seal, Inlet TrunkingA075U6054VL *1 320mm length
BEA 20Screws. S.T.A075WS037ZC *4
BEA 21Spire Nuts. A075W6016ZJ *4
BEA 22Engine Inlet TrunkingA079E4046F *1
BEA 23Hose ClipsX036S6006ZF *2