Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section BF -- Body -- Door Attachments

Ref. No.
BF 1Door Beam Assy, LHF079U4109K* 1 Up to unit nos 213G, 215G to 239G, 2*?
& 242G.
Door Beam Assy, LHA079U4398K* 1Up to unit no 109H inc.
Door Beam Assy, LHK079U4109K**1 Unit nos 214G, 240G & 243G on, 110H 100J on.
Door Beam Assy, RHF079U4110F* 1 Up to unit nos 213G, 215G to 239G, 24*?
& 242G.
Door Beam Assy, RHA079U4399K* 1Up to unit no 109H inc.
Door Beam Assy, RHH079U4110K**1 Unit nos 214G, 240G & 243G on, 110H *?
100J on.
Door Beam Intemal StiffenerA079U4396K** 2
Spacer, Door Beam/Lock BracketA079U4395K** 2
Door Hinge Post Assy, LHA079U4405K**1
Door Hinge Post Assy, RHA079U4404K**1
Door Hinge Reinforcement PlateA079U4340F**2 Replaces C079U4080K
BF 2Hinge Bracket, Upper, LHF079U4087F**1
Hinge Bracket, Upper, RHF079U4088F**1
BF 3Hinge Bracket, LowerE079U4089F**2
Clamp Plate, Door HingeC079U4340F**4
BF 4Shim, AngledC079U4090K**4
BF 5Shim, UpperC079LM091K**AR
BF 6Shim, LowerC079U4092K**AR
Shim, AbrasiveB079U4094K**4
BF 7Tie Rod, Door HingeA079U4326F**2
BF 8WasherA075W4020ZB**2
BF 9Bush, Hinge PinB079U4189F**4
BP 10Hinge Pin, DoorD079U4190F**2
Spacer, Hard SteelA074D6003ZE**4
BF 11Check Strap Assy, LHA075U0709WL**1
Check Strap Assy, RHA075U0708WF**1
Slider, Check StrapA075U1072FH**2 Check Strap Assembly
Retaining PlateA075U6077FG**2 Check Strap Assembly
Shock AbsorberA075U6078FA**2 Check Strap Assembly
WasherA075U6079FF**2 Check Strap Assembly
Bolt, Strap to HingeA075U0459ZK**2
Bracket, Check Strap to Beam, LHD079U4191K**1
Bracket, Check Strap to Beam, RHD079U4258K**1
Screw, Bracket to Beam A079U4011F**4
BF 12Window Motor, LHA075M6091WG**1
BF 13Bracket, Window Motor Mounting, LHA075U4205K**1
Window Motor, RHA075M6090WB**1
Bracket, Window Motor Mounting, RHA075U4126K**1
Screw, " UNF x "A075W10181**8 Motor to Bracket
ScrewA075U4011F**8 Bracket to Beam
BF 14Door W~pe Seal, LongA079U4175F**4
Door Wipe Seal, Short, RHA079U4176F**2 External Wipe Seals replaced by Weatherstrip and Backing Strip
BF 15Door Wipe Seal, Short, LHA079U4279F**2
WeatherstripB079U4434K**2 Finisher/Weatherstrip Assy RH A079U45*?
Finisher/Weatherstrip Assy LH A079LM5*?
Backing StripC079U4438F**2
Pop RivetsA075W6067ZL**26
BF 16Window Frame, LHB079U4115F**1
Window Frame, RHB079U4116F**1
BF 17Silent ChannelA079U4119F**2
Bracket, Door Window FrameB079U4200F**4
Bracket, Door Window FrameB079U4199F**6
Spec. Fix, Door Frame to BeamB079U4011F**12
BF 18Guide Rail, Window Lift, LHB079U4249F**1
Guide Rail, Window Lift, RHB079U4250F**1
BF 19Bracket, Carriage, Glass, LHA079U4257J**1
Bracket, Carriage, Glass, RHA079U4256J**1
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