Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section JC -- Brakes - Front

Ref. No.
JC 1Front Caliper, RHA079J6011F**1
Front Caliper, LHA079J6002F**1
Caliper Mountlng BoltsA079J6007F**4
Spring WasherA075W4069F**4
JC 2Brake Pads, FrontA079J6023F**4
Pad Retalnlng PinA079J6026F**4
Pin Retaining ClipA079J6027F**4
JC 3Dust Shield **2 Part of Front Brake Pad Kit
Bleed Screw, Front CaliperA079J6028F**2
Service Kit, Front CaliperX036J6003ZJ**AR
JC 4Rear Caliper, RH.A079J6012F**1
Rear Caliper, LH.A079J6004F**1
Rear Caliper Lower Fixing BoltsA075W2059Z**2
JC 5Bolt, Primary **2 Part of Guide Pin Kit - A079J6045F
JC 6Bolt, Secondary (Bushed) **2 Part of Guide Pin Kit - A079J6045F
JC 7Sleeve, Rubber **2 Part of Guide Pin Kit - A079J6045F
JC 8Brake Pads, RearA079J6024F**4
Pad Damping SpringA079J6047F**4
Return Spring R.H.A079J6049F**1
Return Spring L.H.A079J6048F**1
JC 9Bolts, Self Locking **4 Part of Guide Pin Kit - A079J6045F
Service Kit, Rear CaliperA079J6042F**AR
Guide Pin KitA079J6045F**AR
Caliper Piston Kit, L.H.A079J6043F**AR
Caliper Piston Kit, R.H.A079J6044F**AR
Bleed Screw, Rear CaliperA079J6046F**2
Rear Caliper Mounting Bolts 10 x 80mmA075W205IZJ**4
Rear Caliper Mounting Bolts 10 x 60mmA079W2055Z**2
Washer, PlainA075W4024ZL**4
Washer, SpringA075W4033ZA**4
JC 10Rear DiscA079J4000F**2
JC 11Drive Shaft Adaptor.B079D4002G**2 Cast Aluminium, superseded by C079D4002D
Drive Shaft AdaptorC079D4002G**2 Use Bolts as detailed in Section DA
Support Bracket, Broke Pipe, R.H.A079J4026K**1
Support Bracket, Brake Pipe, L.H.A079J4027K**1
JC 12Front DiscA079J6003F**2
Fixing ScrewA079G6029F**4