Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section CA -- Front Suspension

Ref. No.
CA 1Front DamperA079C4012F**2 Replaces B079C6000F in pairs
Bolt, M10 x 80 mmA075W2061Z**2
Nut, Nyloc, M10A075W3011ZD**2
CA 2Front SpringC079C4011F** 22
Front SpringD079C4011F** 22 Orange. Replaces C079C4011F in pairs
Front SpringB079C4007F** 2
Front SpringC079CA007F** 2Yellow. Replaces B079C4007F in pairs
Rubber SeatB075C0129ZG**2
CA 4Front DiscA079J6003F**2
Bolt, Disc to Hub (Used with Spring Washer)A079G6029F**8
Bolt, Disc to Hub (Used without Washer)A079G6031F**8 Replaces A079G6029F in sets of 4
Service Bulletin 1979/16 refers
Dust Shield, Front, LHA079J6009F**1
CA 5Dust Shield, Front, RHA079J6010F**1
Vertical Link, LHA079C6009F**1
CA 6Vertical Link, RHA079C6010F**1
CA 7Front HubA079C6002F**2
CA 8Bearing Kit, including Oil SealA079C6011F**2
Nut, Bearing RetainingA079C6024F**2 Part of Bearing Kit
Washer, Bearing RetainingA079C6025F**2
Split Pin, 3/8" x 1. 1/2"A075W6010ZA**2
Dust CapA079C6012F**2
Steering Arm, LHA079C6013F**1
CA 9Steering Arm, RHA079C6014F**1
"T" Head ScrewA079C6016F**4
Washer SpringA079C6018F**4
Upper Wishbone, LHA079C6003F**1
CA 10Upper Wishbone, RHA079C6004F**1
CA 11Pivot BoltA079C6019F**2
Cover, Pivot Bolt WithdrawalA079U4352K**2
CA 12Washer, Wishbone to Chassis, RearA079C6020F**2 40 mm O/D
CA 13Washer, Wishbone to Chassis, FrontA079C6022F**2 25 mm O/D
CA 14Washer, Wishbone, Front & RearA079C6021F**8 Dished
CA 15Nut, Nyloc, M12A075W3012ZJ**2
Lower Link Assembly, LH Includes Pivot Bush and Ball JointA079C6005F**1 Replaced by A079C4037 & Shims
CA 16Lower Link Assembly, RH Includes Pivot Bush and Ball JointA079C6006F**1 Replaced by A079C4036 & Shims
Lower Link Assembly, LH, Welded Inner Pivot Sleeve. lnc. Bushes Less Ball JointA079CA037**1 Service Bulletin 1980/34 Refers
Lower Link Assembly, RH, Welded Inner Pivot SleeveA079C4036**1 Service Bulletin 1980/34 Refers
Washer, Shim, Pivot Bush to ChassisA075D0258ZC**AR Service Bulletin 1980//34 Refers
Bush, Lower Link Inner PivotA079C4038J**2 Service Bulletln 1980//34 Refers
CA 17Pivot BoltA079C6001F**2
Cover, Pivot Bolt withdrawalA079U4353K**2
CA 18Washer, Pivot Bush to ChassisA079C6022F**4 Used only with Link A079C6005/6
CA 19WasherA075W4028Z**2
CA 20Nut, Nyloc, M12A075W3012ZJ**2
CA 21Ball Joint, UpperA079C6007F**2
Bolt, Ml0 x 25, ball joint/wishboneA075W1048**4
Washer, 10mm ball joint/wishboneA075W4024**4
Nut, Nyloc, M10 ball joint/wishboneA075W3011**4
Nut, ball joint to vertical linkA079C6026F**2
CA 22Ball Joint, lowerA079C6008F**2
Nut, ball joint to vertical linkA079C6027F**2
Split Pin, ball joint to vertical linkA079C6028F**4
CA 23Anti-Roll BarA079C4000F**1 Replaced by C079C4000F
Anti-Roll BarC079C4000F**1
Clamp Plate, Roll Bar MountingB079C4005F**2
Bush, Anti-Roll Bar to ChassisA079C6030F**2
Bolt, Clamp Plate, Roll Bar MountingA079W1058F**4
Spring WasherA075W4069F**4
CA 25Washer 40 O/D, 10 I/D x 3.5A079W4053F**2
Setscrew, M10 x 30A075W1049**2 Anti-Roll Bar to Lower Link
Washer, SpringA075W4070**2
CA 24Bush, Anti Roll Bar/Lower LinkA079C4045F**2