Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section FA -- Transmission (Gearbox) -- Casing

Ref. No.
FA 1Gearbaox & Bell Housing Assy.B079F4000J**1 See Bulletin 1978/33 before Fitting Clutch Slave Cylinder. If a replacement Bell Housing is required, Gearbox & Bell Housing Assy. must be returned to enable new Bell Housing to be machined & matched to Gearbox.
FA 2Pointer, Engine TimingA079E4011F**1
FA 3Switch, Reverse LightA079M6014F**1
FA 4Washer, Switch, Reverse LightA079M6052F**1
FA 5Speedo Driven GearA079F6054F**1 17 Teeth
FA 6Cup, Connection SocketA079F6229F**1
FA 7Connection Socket, Speedo CableA079F6228F**1
FA 8Speedo, Cable, LongA079M6019F**1
Speedo, Cable, LongA079M6030F**1
FA 9Speedo, Cable, ShortB079M6020F**1 See Bulletin 1977/15.
FA 10"P" ClipA075Q6013ZF**1
FA 11Speedo, Right Angled DriveA079N6004F**1
FA 12Air Vent (Breather)A079F6211F**1
FA 13End HousingA079F6201F**1
FA 14End CoverA079F6226F**1
FA 15Stud, Silencer/Gear Box Mtg. Brkt.A079F4030F * 11 Federal uses existing G. Box cover bolts.
Nut, M7, NylocA079F6023F * 11 Federal uses existing G. Box cover bolts.
FA 16Bolt, M7 x 45, Silencer Mtg. Brkt.A079F4031F * 11 Federal uses existing G. Box cover bolts.
FA 17Drain PlugA079F6227F**2
FA 18Washer, Drain PlugA079F6205F**2
FA 19Level PlugA079F6222F**1
FA 20Washer, Level PlugA079F6223F**1
Stud, 12 x 74 A079F6214F**2 Bell Housing to Gearbox.
Stud, 12 x 92A079F6215F**2 Bell Housing to Gearbox.
Washer, 12mmA079F6213F**4 Bell Housing to Gearbox.
Nut, 12mmA079F6212F**4 Bell Housing to Gearbox.
Screw, 7 x 25A079F6191F**2
Screw, 7 x 38A079F6195F**1
Screw, 7 x 40A079F6219F**1
Screw, 7 x 45A079F6193F**2
Screw, 7 x 65A079F6194F**4
Screw, 7 x 95A079F6203F**2
Screw, Cover PlatingA079F6202F**2
FA 21Stop, Speedo PinionA079F6206F**1
Nut, Mid, Stop, Speedo PinionA079F6216F**1
Screw, 9 x 25A079F6221F**3
Screw, 9 x 30A079F6204F**5
Screw, 9 x 42A079F6196F**4
Screw, 9 x 65A079F6217F**1
Shouldered ScrewA079F6220F**1
Washer LockingA079F6199F**4
Outflow PlateA079F6269F**1 Inside End Cover.
Outflow TubeA079F6268F**1 Inside End Cover.
Oil DeflectorA079F6270F**1 Inside End Cover.