Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 PARTS MANUAL

Section FD -- Transmission (Gearbox) -- Shift Mechanism

Ref. No.
FD 1Cover and CapA079F6177F**1
FD 2Filler PlugA079F6178F**1
FD 3Shouldered ScrewA079F6197F**2
FD 4Cover Centring BushA079F6189F**4
FD 5Spindle, 1st and 2ndA079F6169F**1
FD 6Spindle, 5thA07?F6171F**1
FD 7Ball SpringA079F6175F**4
FD 8Safety lock, shortA079F6174F**2
FD 9Safety lock, longA079F6173F**1
FD 10Fork, 1st and 2ndA079F6161F**1
FD 11Fork, reverseA079F6164F**1
FD 12Fork, 3rd and 4thA079F6162F**1
FD 13Fork 5thA079F6163F**1
FD 14Spindle, 3rd and 4th forkA079F6170F**1
FD 15Spindle, reverse forkA079F6172F**1
FD 16Drive pin, reverse forkA079F6165F**1
FD 17Control lever spindle assy.A079F4035F**1
Spring, control lever spindleA079F4033K**1 Part of Assy.
Washer, spring locatingA079F6187F**2 Part of Assy.
Selector shaft control leverA079F6230F**1 Part of Assy.
Sel. shaft cont. lever, 5th & Rev.A079F6185F**1 Part of Assy.
Sel. shaft cont. lever, lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4thA079F6186F**1 Part of Assy.
FD 18Fork locking screwA079F6166F**4
FD 19Selector fork relay, 5thA079F6160F**1
FD 20Filler plug gasketA079F6179F**1
FD 21WasherA079F6200F**4
FD 22BallA079F6176F**4
FD 23Screw, 7 x 35A079F6192F**3
Screw, 7 x 25A079F6191F**5
FD 24Screw, 7 x 25A079F6190F**4
Screw, 7 x 50A079F6198F**2
FD 25Set screw, forks, 9 x 25A079F6221F**4
FD 26Plug, 12mm dia.A079F6184F**2
Plug, 17mm dia.A079F6183F**1
FD 27'0' Ring, SpindleA079F6055F**2
Locking wire for screwsA079F6168F**4