r.d. enterprises, ltd.

Begun by Ray Psulkowski in 1974 as a part-time business, and full time by 1976. Early days at the original Elkins Park, PA location I did Lotus parts and repairs, but stopped repairs and just sold parts by 1984. Moved to Gardenville,PA in 1986 - the first really rural location for the business and the beginning of "parts in a barn". And in 1990 moved to another barn in Quakertown, PA where I've been ever since. 

I'll hunt around to see if I can dig up more old photos...


Ray's 1971 Elan S4 is on the road.


see a video of the body installation on our YouTube channel

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Photo Archives

Ray's 1966 Lotus Cortina and Don Butler's Elan S4 at the Simeone Museum in Philadelpia, Best of Britain 2014


Ray driving his Elan at the Duryea Hillclimb, Reading PA in 1975

Duryea Hillclimb 1975
The Elan was probably still "street-legal" at this time. 

Ray driving the Elan at Giant's Despair Hillclimb, Laurel Run PA in 1976
Note the low-profile windscreen and front spoiler. Definitely not street legal now.