Welcome to the Garage Sale! 

After being in the Lotus parts business for over 40 years, you accumulate a lot of "stuff."  Bit by bit I'm going through this "stuff" and it will be posted on this page.  Items will be added whenever I get a chance, so check back often.  In many cases there's only one of an item, so contact me right away if you're interested.  And I'll try to be prompt about updating the page when an item has been sold. 

In many cases we are open to offers to parts listed on this Garage Sale page. Phone or write if you're interested in a part. 

Last update August 16, 2019 

Used Elan Fuel Tank

Good used steel fuel tank

Ref. 26L0702U  sold

Used Bolt-On Wheels

Two used wheels: 

Silver wheel has rim edge damage (see photo)
Ref. 26G0001U-a  $90.00

Black wheel appears in good condition
Ref. 26G0001U-b  $140.00

Note: We also have a used Lotus hub cap  
Not perfect by any means; scratched, minor dent, some rusty chrome. 
Ref. 26G0002U  $50.00

Elan Race Clutch Disc

8.5" disc with solid center

Ref. 50Q6015R  $95.00

Intermediate Axle Shaft

Elan +2 intermediate shaft (used)

Ref. 50R0015  $30.00

Intermediate Axle Shaft

Elan +2 intermediate shaft with "failsafe" tubes (used) 

Ref. 50R0034  $45.00

Lucas Alternator

Lucas 16AC alternator

Ref. LU16AC  $50.00

NOS Ashtray

Chrome-framed ashtray, black leather insert, for Lotus Excel. NOS original part. 

Ref. 89V3883  $50.00



Air Filter Canister

Used canister in good condition. This is an original "AC Made in England" part, bead blasted with minimal rust damage. Not painted. 

Ref. 26S0704-U  $200.00


Air Filter Canister

Used canister in excellent condition. This is an original "AC Made in England" part, with good sound metal all around. Finished in a silver galvanized-look. Large more-detailed photos available upon request. 

Ref. 26S0704-U  $300.00 

Elan +2S Facia Wiring Loom 

NOS facia wiring loom for Elan +2S from Jan.1970 7001020001. This harness has three white block connectors: one with 12 connectors, two with 6 connectors each. Check your harness to see if this is the facia harness for your car. 

Ref. 50M0153 $50.00



Cortina Mk2 Wiper Parts

Used wiper pivots, etc
CBH17532E  wiper pivot, passenger side (2)
CBH17532F  wiper pivot, drivers side (2)
CBH17514A  spacer rings for wiper pivot (3)
CBH17B425C  wiper link LH (2)
CBH17B425D  wiper link RH (2)
CBH17485C  bracket (2)

All above parts $40.00

Remote Reservoir

Girling remote reservoir: plastic reservoir (@2.25"OD) w/large cap (@2.75") - 7/16-20 male metal threaded outlet fitting with 7/16"-20 thread 

Ref. HY-64047341  $46.00

Lucas Lamp

NOS Lucas side lamp #52134, model 1130. This is a genuine Lucas "Made in England" lamp in very good condition. 
This lamp is used on Lotus 7, Morgan and MG-T series. 

Ref. LU-52134  $80.00


Front Bumper 

Elan S4 Federal

Used front bumper for Federal (USA) cars. Bumper has flats for mounting front side marker lamps. Decent condition, some cracking on underside at grille opening. 

Ref. 36B0050BU  $150.00


NOS Federal Tail Lamps

Brand new original Lucas tail lamps for Federal Elan S4, Elan +2, Europa S2, TwinCam and TC Special

We only have one side:
Elan RH
Elan +2 and Europa LH

None of these are perfect. Each lens has some scratch or manufacturing defect but these are the nicest lamps and lenses I've seen in decades. The bases are very good and of course have no rust or pitting. 

No, I don't believe that we will find some hidden stash of 36M6053 lamps to make pairs. 

We are offering these lamps at $450 each 



Caterham Stub Axle

Front stub axle

Ref. 007C6040  $30.00

Cortina Water Pump

NOS water pump for Cortina with 5/8" shaft

Ref. 007E6000  $45.00 

Jensen Healey Cam Cover

NOS cam cover. Only one available. 

Ref. JH-94041  $100.00

Elan S1 Body

Damaged RH front corner with additional damage across the entire front. Wheel arches have been flared. No doors, bonnet or boot lids. Door openings, cockpit floor, tail and boot floor are intact. Additional photos on request. 

Ref. 26B0001U  $650.00/offer

Elan S1/S2 Front Bumper

Original foam-filled bumper in sound condition but needs refinishing. 

Ref. 26B0050U  $140.00 /offer

Elan S1 Flat Bonnet 
(very rough condition)

Original early bonnet lid with reinforcing ribs. This bonnet has been damaged, repaired, sanded through in two spots and has a piece of steel angle glassed into the trailing edge. The leading end of the bonnet is better. 

Ref. 26B0030U  $50.00/offer 

Elan S3/S4 Boot Lid 

Used boot lid in good condition. 

Ref. 36B0040U  $350.00

Used Jackshaft

Used jackshaft/camshaft

Ref. 26E0352U $95.00

125E Con Rod

Used 125E connecting rod

Ref. 26E0340U  $100.00


2737E Con Rod

Used connecting rods for 1600 pushrod Kent engine

Ref. 28E0340U  $35.00 each

Gear Case

Used gear case, single rail (Cortina, etc.) 

Ref. 28F7006U  $150.00

Rear Seal Housing

Used rear seal housing for rope seal 

Ref. 26E6689U  $10.00

Esprit Turbo Clearance Parts

910 E 1563   Locking Plate: Locking Plate between turbo to manifold: Turbos 88 to 95    Qty 3, $8.00 each  

910 E 1564  Locking Plate, exhaust pipe to turbo  Qty.1, $31.00

910 E 1601   Banjo Bolt:  Banjo bolt for cold air pipes to carb: Turbos 88 to 92    Qty 1, $12.50

910 E 1650   Stud, Turbo Outlet: stainless steel studs attach turbo to exhaust pipes: Turbos through 92    Qty 6, $9.00 each

910 E 1782   Hose adaptor: Adaptor to attach between air pump filter and air pump hose: Turbos to 87   Qty 1, $2.00

910 E 1959   Fuel Union, Dellorto: Union between carburetor and fuel pipe:  Dellorto Carbs to 92    Qty1, $6.00

910 E 1985    Adjusting Strap Used: adjusting strap for Saginaw air pumps   Qty 1, $1.00

910 E 2179   Stainless Steel Stud M6  x 35mm: Used to attach wastegate pipes to adaptor: Turbos to 87   Qty 3, $10.00 each

910 E 2419   Locking Plate: Long plate between upper manifold and head captures 2 nuts: Turbos 88 to 92   Qty1, $5.00

910 E 2420   Locking Plate: Short plate between lower manifold to head captures 2 lower nuts: Turbos 88 to 92   Qty 1, $5.00

910 E 6463   Olive, Boost Control Pipe:  Used with sleeve nut to attach boost pipe to turbo assembly: Turbos to 87     Qty 2, $.50 each

910 E 6464   Sleeve Nut: Used with olive to attach boost pipe to turbo assembly: Turbos to 87   Qty 2, $1.20 each

910 E 6491   O-Ring: Turbo drain pipe to sump: Turbos to 92   Qty 3, $2.00 each

910 E 6553    Dowty Seal, BSP:  Seals torx bolt access plugs on carbureted Turbos.  Qty 10, $1.25 each

910 E 6681   Accelerator Pump Body 27mm: Does not come with ball, spring or plug: Turbos to 92   Qty 1, $6.00

910 E 6733   Clamp Plate:  Injector clamp plate: Turbos to 92    Qty 1, $.50

910 E6736    2 Line Clip:  Clip that holds two fuel pipes: Turbos to 92    Qty 2, $3.50

910 E 6772   Union: Adaptor between boost gauge pipe to plenum: HCI turbos only    Qty 1, $3.00

Esprit non-Turbo Clearance Parts

A079U4170F  Facia Finisher, RH side for RHD cars  Qty 1, $10.00 (See Esprit S1/S2 parts manual, illustration VB, item #5)

907E0405  Wrist Pin  Qty 3, $2.00 each 

Esprit Relay

Esprit Turbo 1988-1993
"Power Relay, Ignition and Auxiliary"

Lucas 33RA heavy-duty relay is rated at 60A. 2 spade terminals, 2 screw terminals 

Ref. 82M6236  $29.00 Closeout

Overboost Switch 

Overboost switch for 1988-92 Esprit Turbo. 
NOS part

Ref. 82M6352  $26.00  Closeout

Only one available

Speedo Drive

Speedometer right-angle drive, fits Esprit S1/S2.

Ref. 79N6004  $73.00 Closeout
One available.

Expansion Tank

Cooling system expansion tank for Esprit Turbo 4-cyl from 1988 onwards.

Ref. 82K6040  Special Offer $88.00 Closeout 

Only one available

MAT Sensor
Mass Air Temperature Sensor for all Delco-injected 4-cyl Esprit Turbo and Esprit V8

Ref. 910E6927  $29.00  Closeout

Oil Temp Switch

Bosch-injected Esprit Turbo 
Lotus number A910E6770 Switch, low temperature, 25/18C - located in oil gallery cover
"A" switch indicated for bosch inj cars up to 1987; shown in engine section

Ref. 910E6770A  $16.00 Closeout

Air Pump Bracket

air pump bracket, Elite/Eclat
non-illustrated part in Elite parts manual, plate ED
this bracket is required when the water pump does not have an integral air pump bracket

Ref. 907E1115  $5.00 Closeout


Esprit SE Grille

Grille for RH rear valance.

Ref. 82U7383  $3.00 Closeout
One available.


Esprit S2 Engine Cover Stay

Only used on the Esprit S2; measures @ 5" long x 1/2" wide.  

Ref. 79B4118   $3.00

  Esprit Quarter Glass

RH tinted quarter glass, fits Esprit S1, S2 and Turbo through 1987. Used glass in very good condition.

Ref. 79U4026  $88.00 Closeout

License Plate Panel

Rear license plate recess panel for non-Federal Esprit S2.  NOS part. One available.

Ref. 79U4568  $45.00 Closeout

Door Hinge Post

RH door hinge post for all Esprit S1, S2 and Turbo through 1987.

Ref. 79U4404  $25.00 Closeout

5/16" Seloc Washers

Larger than the 1/4" Seloc washers used on the TC cam cover, these Selocs fit 5/16" fasteners. Use where you want to seal and lock a 5/16" fastener. 

Ref. 74E6009A  $.50 each 

Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Right-hand front lens for early (pre airflow) Cortina Mk1
Very good condition

Ref. FO-113E 13208A  $36.00

Cortina Mk1 Front Lamp base

Left-hand front lamp base for airflow Cortina Mk1. Rim included. Lamp base is in good condition but has corrosion on outside. Rim is in poor shape. 

Ref. FO-113E 13207  $40.00

Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Right-hand front lens for airflow Cortina Mk1. Lens is used and has surface cracking as seen in the photo.

Ref. FO-113E 13208BU  $50.00


Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Left-hand front lens for airflow Cortina Mk1. Lens is used and has surface cracking as seen in the photo.

Ref. FO-113E 13209BU  $50.00


Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Right-hand front lens for airflow Cortina Mk1. Fits behind clear front lens. Lens is used and is in very good condition. 

Ref. FO-113E 13K306 $75.00


Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Left-hand front lens for airflow Cortina Mk1. Fits behind clear front lens. Lens is used and is in very good condition. 

Ref. FO-113E 13K307 $75.00


Cortina Mk1 Front Lens

Left-hand front lens for airflow Cortina Mk1. Fits behind clear front lens. Lens is used and is missing one tab. Otherwise this lens is in very good condition. 

Ref. FO-113E 13K307 $60.00



Elan +2 Door Shell

Used door shell

Ref. 50B0756U RH Door $65.00 

Engine Cover

Aftermarket engine cover for carbureted Esprit Turbo (up to 1985)

Black fiberglass part has some white spots (you can see them in the photo) that do not wash off. 

Ref. 82B4461NF  $50.00

Short Rear RH

New factory Lotus body panel
Short rear RH for Europa TwinCam

Ref. 74B6016  $150.00

Full Rear LH

Used full rear LH for Europa TwinCam

Ref. 74B6045U  $150.00

Gearbox Bearing
5-Speed Elite/Elan +2 gearbox

NOS front layshaft bearing listed for Elite only but probably used on the Plus 2 as well. 
One available. 

Ref. 50F6017  $57.00 

Synchro Ring (Baulk Ring) 
5-Speed Elite/Elan +2 gearbox

NOS synchronizer ring for 1st & 2nd gears
Two available. 

Ref. 50F6041  $129.00 each 

Gearbox Bearing
5-Speed Elite/Elan +2 gearbox

Bearing located between input shaft and 1st motion shaft. One available. 

Ref. 50F6070 $141.00 

Gearbox Bearing
5-Speed Elite/Elan +2 gearbox

Roller bearing on 3rd motion shaft. One available. 

Ref. 50F6072  $107.00

Tailshaft Seal
Automatic Transmission

NOS tailshaft seal for automatic transmission, Elite.

Ref. 75F6052  $10.00

Gearbox Bearing
5-Speed Elite gearbox

Used on Elite 5-spd gbx #A2016 onwards. 
Can also be used on earlier gbx with change of layshaft. 

Ref. 75F6064  $54.00

Piston Rings

Original standard size piston rings for 907 engine. Set of four second rings A907E0402 and set of four oil control rings B907E0404. Sorry, no top compression rings. 

Ref. 907E0400 $9.00


Fuel Pump Body

NOS AC fuel pump body; two pieces. These are original "Made in England" parts for the original glass-bowl TwinCam fuel pump. 

Ref. 26E0370BODY  $20.00

Ferodo DS11 Pads

NOS Ferodo DS11 brake pads FDB535 will fit Jensen Healey, some Cortina Mk2, late Triumph Spitfire. Backplate dimensions about 2.5" x 2.5".

Ref. FDB535DS11  $45.00 (One set available)

Stromberg Needles

Pair of new Stromberg carb needles, "fixed" (not adjustable) B1AE

Ref. C-B19619  $9.00 each (Two available)

Headlamp Rim

Fits TR3 and early TR4, rim width 1-3/8"
Lucas 54520443
Moss 560-200

Ref. MOSS-560-200  $10.00  (One available)

Motorcycle ColorTune

ColorTune is a test spark plug with a high-temperature glass window in the center which actually allows you to look into the engine as it is running and analyze the combustion flame for color and other appearances. Since different air/fuel mixtures burn with different colors you can quickly tell if your engine in running rich (yellow flame) or lean (white flame). A correct 14.7:1 air to fuel ratio burns with a blue flame.

ColorTune installs temporarily in place of one regular spark plug. Start the engine and observe the color, then adjust the carburetor mixture until a blue flame is seen. Repeat this procedure to synchronize multiple carburetor installations. ColorTune takes the guesswork out of carburetor tuning.

ColorTune can be used on any two or four-stroke, carbureted or fuel injected, gasoline or propane engine.

ColorTune # 4171 - Regular Price $79.00
This Colortune has 12mm threads for use on motorcycles with 12mm spark plug threads.

Closeout pricing $45.00

Esprit Turbo
SIR Service Manual

NEW Service Notes Manual Section WA/WC  SIR 
Side Impact Restraints (airbags)
Contains both driver side only and dual airbag systems

Ref. J082T0327J  $49.00

Elise Mk2 Service Notes

Elise 2001 onwards, not Federal

Ref. A117T0327J  $99.00



Cortina ? Lens

Focusing lens; looks new.
One available.

Sale Price $2.00


Cortina ? Lens

Focusing lens; looks new but the mounting tab end may be damaged.
One available.

Sale Price $2.00


Girling Caliper Kit SP2541

NOS original Girling rear caliper kit containing seals, dust boots and dust boot retaining rings for two calipers.  36mm bore, four piston caliper. 
Volvo 142, 144, 145 8/66-74, 164 1968-74
Volvo 242, 244, 245 8/74-7/75
Volvo P1800 ES 9/68-10/73

Ref: SP 2541  $10.00  (Only one kit available)


Girling Caliper Kit SP2517

NOS original Girling front caliper kit containing seals, dust boots for two calipers. 38/54mm bore, three piston caliper. 
Jaguar XKE 4.2 9/68-71,
Alfa Romeo Guilia 1600 1963-68
Volvo P1800 6/64-8/68. 

Ref: SP 2517  $14.00 each


SU Carb Ram Pipes

Rampipes for 1-1/4" SU carbs as fitted to early BMC engines.  Actual throat diameter measures @ 1.335" (slightly over 1-1/4"); overall height measures 1.330". 

Ref: 36S9004  $15.00 each

Rear A Frame

Caterham Seven rear A-frame
Fits cars with DeDion rear axle. Sorry for the previous confusion in my description for this part, and thanks to John Donohoe for his assistance.

Ref. 007D0014   Make offer














Vintage Lucas TAC Ignition
"Transistor Assisted Contacts"  Ignition

NOS Lucas Model TAC 3, Part No. 54041044 
Positive Earth Only

Complete kit in very good condition; only the box lid is damaged.  I believe that this ignition was used on some British motorcycles but may have had more applications.  Please note that it is clearly marked "Positive Earth Only". Sorry but I just don't know much about this early Lucas electronic ignition. 

Ref. LU-54041044  Lucas TAC Ignition Kit   ?$ Make offer!


Triumph TR7 disc

New TR7 brake disc.  Very good condition, not rusted.
Only one available.

Ref. TR-TKC780  $10.00

Tapered Needle Roller Bearings

Two bearing sets (bearing and race) - Timken L45449/L45410

Some Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Datsun, Honda, Toyota and VW applications. 

Ref. BRG-45449/45410  $5.00 each  (two available)

Lucas Alternator Pulley

Part Number 54202784, 54202767

Fits 17mm shaft, pulley OD 2.700" 

Ref. 54202784  $9.00
(one available)

Lucas Starter Bendix Sleeve

Part Number 250696, RRB101

Fits all Elan starters.

Ref. RRB101  $2.00 each  (four available)

Lucas Starter Bush

Part Number 251477, TCB125

Commutator-end bush for early Elan starter M35G-1

Ref. TCB125  $1.50 each   (two available)

Lucas Starter Bush

Part Number 256112

Drive-end bush for some M35G starters.  Obsolete part.

Ref. 256112  $4.00 each   (five available)


Lucas Generator Bush

Part Number 227818, UTB110

Ref. UTB110  $2.00 each (ten available)

Lucas Wiper Motor Shaft & Gear

Part Number 54702587, WGB229

NOS gear and shaft assembly, listed by Lucas for 1968 Lotus Europa with 75664 (14W) wiper motor.    Gear is marked 130-degree.  May be for single wiper system...

Ref. 54702587  $45.00
(two available)

Lucas Wiper Motor Shaft & Gear

Part Number 54705190, WGB168

NOS gear and shaft assembly, fitted with Lucas wiper motor 75754 for Lotus Europa 1969-74.  Gear is marked 110-degree.

Ref. 54705190  $45.00
(one available)


Lucas Distributor Shield & Low Tension Lead

Part No. 54417459

Genuine NOS Lucas England part.  Distributor shield with low tension lead was originally used on Jaguar 22D and 25D distributors. 

Ref. LU54417459 - $22.00  (one available)


Lucas Flasher Lamp

Part No. 54520, Model L760

Genuine NOS Lucas lamp "Made in England."  Flasher lamp (single filament bulb) was fitted to 1967 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 and maybe others. 

Ref. LU54520 - $48.00  (one available)

Lucas License Lamp Gasket

Part No. 54571498, Model L467

Rubber gasket for 56790 license lamp.  Genuine NOS Lucas "Made in England" part, not a reproduction. 

Ref. LU54571498 - $12.00 (two available)

Girling Type 16P Caliper

New Old Stock left-side caliper as used on early Elan Plus 2 (also AH3000, Triumph GT6, TR4A, TR6 and Rover 2000TC).  Caliper bore is 2.125" (54mm)  

Ref. 64032714  $200.00


Triumph Tie Rod Ends

Triumph TR2/TR3 left-hand thread tie rod ends with grease fittings

Ref. Triumph # 110468  $15.00 each 
(Two available)


Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1436 - two available  $10.00 each
Rear suspension bush, upper arm rear

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1487 - two available  $10.00 each
Front suspension bush. lower

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1488 - two available  $10.00 each
Rear suspension bush, lower arm rear

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1490 - two available  $10.00 each
Rear suspension bush, lower arm front  43.4mm diameter

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1491 - two available  $10.00 each
Rear suspension bush, lower arm front  50.4mm diameter

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1970-76)

EM1493 - two available  $10.00 each
Rear suspension bush, upper arm front