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February 2020 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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Window Switches

  Fits Esprit Turbo 1988-1991
Ref. 82M6351  February 2020 Internet Special $35.99 (Regular $45.00)

  Fits Esprit Turbo 1991-1993
Ref. 82M6502  February 2020 Internet Special $22.99 (Regular $29.00)

  Fits Europa TC - "snap-in" switch
Ref. 74M6012  February 2020 Internet Special $20.99
(Regular $26.00)


Low-Profile Throttle Linkage
for Weber DCOE

Ideal for Lotus Elan and Lotus Seven because of its low height, this linkage is easily used on many different applications including sports racers and formula cars.  Smooth, progressive throttle response and pedal feel make this a great replacement for the linkage you're currently using. 

Ultra low profile to fit low clearance installations, adds @ 1" at carb top; @ 1/2" at jet cover

Simple, competition-proven design with fatigue-tested throttle return spring

Can be used on single or twin Weber DCOE carb installations

Weber DCOE Low Profile Throttle Linkage Kit
Ref. 26R-S-0700 
February 2020 Internet Special $129.99 (Regular $159.00)

Note: We also stock lots of other Weber-related parts including soft-mounts, DCOE rebuild kits, fuel looms and more. Please inquire. 

  Elan Rear Brake Pads

Set of four brake pads; fits all Elan S1, S2, S3, S4 and Sprint, and all Elan Plus 2.  
These pads are high-quality street compound pads made by EBC (but they're not the Green Stuff compound)
Ref. 050J6022R  
February 2020 Internet Special $48.99 (Regular $59.00)

NOTE: We also have EBC Green Stuff front and rear pads for the Elan in stock:
Ref. 36J6065GR  Elan S2/3/4 front pad set, EBC Green Stuff  $89.00  (These also fit all Europas)
Ref. 50J6022GR  Elan S1/2/3/4 and Plus 2 rear pad set, EBC Green Stuff  $79.00
Ref. 50J6094GR  Elan Plus 2 front pad set, EBC Green Stuff  $99.00

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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!