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September 2020 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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Aluminum Adjustable Lower Links for Europa

Adjust and set rear wheel camber to the setting you want for maximum performance and tire wear.  Each tube is tapped RH on one end and LH on the opposite end so that the effective length of the tube can be adjusted in place.  Teflon-lined rod ends at each end with jam nuts to secure positioning. Weight approx. 2 lbs 10 oz / pair

Ref. 74D9999-A  September 2020 Internet Special $235.00/pair (Regular $275.00)
Aluminum tubes, 1" diameter with swaged ends and 5/8" x 1/2" rod ends 

  Engine Mount

Engine mount for Elite, Eclat, normally-aspirated Esprit S1/S2

Ref. 907E6174  September 2020 Internet Special $35.00 each (Regular $43.00)


TwinCam Ignition Wire Sets for Lucas 23D & 25D distributor

Black 7mm suppression ignition wire sets for original style side entry distributor cap (DDB101) used on Lucas 23D and 25D distributors installed in Lotus Cortina, Elan, Elan +2 and Europa TC

Choose from right-angle spark plug ends or straight ends. 
Set includes four spark plug wires and coil wire. 

Ref. 26E0740KBAS  Right-Angle Wire Set September 2020 Internet Special $25.00 each (Regular $30.00)

Ref. 26E0740KBSS  Straight Wire Set September 2020 Internet Special $25.00 each (Regular $30.00)

TwinCam Ignition Wire Set  for 43D distributor

Black 8mm suppression ignition wire set for replacement 43D style distributors, Lucas, Pertronix or other. This wire set is correct for use with the Pertronix replacement distributor that we sell. Straight spark plug ends. 

Ref. 26E0740-43BL  September 2020 Internet Special $25.00 each (Regular $30.00)


Aluminum Alternator Pulley for Europa TwinCam 

We're making these special lightened pulleys again! Get in on the introductory price of $179.00 while you can! Made in USA, 6061-T6 aluminum. Expected delivery early October 2020. 

Ref.74E0131RL  Alloy Alternator Pulley  Introductory Price $179.00

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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!