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June 2018 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

Mention this internet special to receive your discount!

$5.00 "rd" T-SHIRTS! 


Buy one of the well-known Lotus 23 design t-shirts for only $5.00 when you place a $100 order*. Printed in bright yellow on a 100% cotton (preshrunk) British Racing Green shirt. 

Ref. 001-RDGTMD Medium T-Shirt          Regular price $12.00 
Ref. 001-RDGTLG Large T-Shirt              Regular price $12.00 
Ref. 001-RDGTXL X-Large T-Shirt           Regular price $12.00 
Ref. 001-RDGTXXL XX-Large T-Shirt      Regular price $15.00 

* The fine print. Your order must total $100 without shipping, tax or the t-shirt. One shirt per order. Please be sure to mention this special offer when you place your order. 


Elan Seat Tracks

Stainless steel seat tracks (seat runners) with welded mounting studs and stainless steel attachment hardware
These tracks are made with the extra "lip" for the Elan S4 and Sprint seat frames but can be used on any Elan.  Weld your own tab onto the seat frame to secure the seat to the track, eliminating the "ejection seat" option.  

Ref. 26B0138SS  June 2018 Internet Special  $62.90 per seat (regular $74.00 per seat)


Europa Gear Lever Ball Joint & Bearing Plates

The Ball Joint (spherical bearing) locates the gear lever and allows it to pivot in all directions.  All metal construction.  This style ball joint is original equipment on all TC's and late S2's. 
Ref. 65F6003  Ball Joint June 2018 Internet Special  $12.90
(regular $16.00)

The aluminum Bearing Plates mount the Ball Joint to the chassis.  The ball joint is sandwiched between the two plates and the assemble is bolted to the chassis.  These bearing plates are original equipment on all TC's and some late S2's.  The plates and bearing can be used as an assembly to replace the original (obsolete) rubber, plastic and steel parts fitted to the Europa S1 and S2. 
Ref. 65F0171/2  Bearing Plate Pair  June 2018 Internet Special  $54.90
(regular $65.00)

Bonnet Skid Plate

Stainless steel bonnet hinge skid plate for all Elan series. The bonnet adjusting screws shown below contact this skid plate - bonnet screws do not contact fiberglass. Skid plates attach with pop-rivets (not supplied). Two skid plates per car.

Ref. 26B0031 June 2018 Internet Special  $9.90 each  (regular $12.00 each)

Timing Belts, 4 cylinder engines

Trapezoidal tooth belt, 133 teeth, for normally aspirated Esprit S1 and S2, carbureted Turbo Esprit through 1985, and Elite/Eclat without air pump. 
Ref. 907E0191R  June 2018 Internet Special  $27.90
(regular $33.00)

HTD (High Torque Drive) belt for 4-cylinder Esprit Turbo 1986 onwards; teeth have rounded profile.  Standard replacement belt. 
Ref. 912E6697R  June 2018 Internet Special  $41.90
(regular $49.00)

We also stock the Gates Blue Belt - The best heavy-duty alternative available! The Gates Blue Belt is only available in the HTD (rounded tooth profile) belt. 
Ref. 912E6697HD  $165.00

       Internet Special prices are only applicable to stock on hand.


 Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.

You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!