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Ross Robbins and Ray in front of r.d.enterprises, March 2021
Ross was on his 11,000 mile trip to the four corners of the USA

January 2022 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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Crankshaft Pulley

Steel (not cast) crankshaft pulley for all TwinCam engines. 

Ref. 26E0331 January 2022 Internet Special $69.00 (regular price $83.00)


Sebring Mirror Base

Replica of the original Sebring mirror base or stand-off which raises the mirror slightly off the mounting surface and greatly improves the view! When the Sebring mirrors were sold about 40 years ago this base was included with the mirror, but the base has not been available for decades. Now we can supply this mirror base, the usefulness of the Sebring mirror is improved and the appearance of the mirror is authentic to the original.

Ref. 50B6140BASE  January 2022 Internet Special $19.50 each (regular price $24.00 each)

Elan Seat Tracks

Stainless steel seat tracks (seat runners) with welded mounting studs and stainless steel attachment hardware
These tracks are made with the extra "lip" for the Elan S4 and Sprint seat frames but can be used on any Elan.  Weld your own tab onto the seat frame to secure the seat to the track, eliminating the "ejection seat" option.  

Ref. 26B0138SS  January 2022 Internet Special $69.00 per seat (regular price $80.00 per seat)

Elan S1/S2 Tenax Brackets

Bracket for Tenax stud located just inside the front windscreen at both sides above the crashpad. Connects to the windscreen frame bolt to body behind the dash.

Ref. 26B0311 January 2022 Internet Special $29.00 each  (regular price $35.00 each) 

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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!