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April 2020 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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Staying at home? 

Get your car ready for Spring now. We stock belts and filters, spark plugs, ignition wires, points and condensors, distributor caps and rotors, Pertronix electronic ignition, ZDDPlus and lots more that you may need. And during the month of April you'll receive a 10% discount on these ignition wire sets and NGK spark plugs. 

Check the listings below, take a look at our website or contact us directly for current pricing of these parts!

Ignition Wire Sets

TwinCam (Elan, Elan +2, Europa TC, Lotus Cortina) 

Ignition Wire Sets for Lucas 23D & 25D

Black 7mm supression ignition wire sets for original style side entry distributor cap (DDB101) used on Lucas 23D and 25D distributors. Choose from right-angle spark plug ends or straight ends. 
Set includes four spark plug wires and coil wire. 

Ref. 26E0740KBAS  Right-Angle Wire Set  $30.00
Ref. 26E0740KBSS  Straight Wire Set  $30.00

Ignition Wire Set for Lucas 43D

8mm BLACK SUPPRESSION WIRE, STRAIGHT PLUG ENDS for replacement distributors based on the later Lucas 43D distributor body. These wires plug into the side entry cap.
Ref. 26E0740-43BL  Ignition Wire Set  $29.00

Europa S1 & S2 (Renault)

Set of five wires: four spark plug wires and coil wire for Europa S1/S2 with original Renault engine (non-crossflow head)
Ref. 54E0740  $36.00

Esprit, Elite, Eclat

Set of four spark plug wires and special long coil wire for all normally-aspirated Esprit, Dellorto-carbureted Turbo Esprit and Bosch-injected Esprit Turbo.  This 8mm wire set also fits Elite, Eclat and Jensen Healey with 907 engine. 
Ref. 910E9197-KBL   $45.00

Set of four spark plug wires for the Esprit Turbo with Delco ignition 1989-1995.  Top quality 8mm wire red wire. 
Ref. 910E6953-KBR  $59.00

NGK Spark Plugs

BP6ES Europa Renault and 907 engines (non-Turbo)  $4.50 each
BPR7ES  All TwinCam  $4.50 each 
BPR6EY  Esprit Turbo through 1989  $4.50 each 
BPR6EKN  Esprit Turbo charge-cooled 1990-on  $9.00 each 
BKR6EKC  Esprit V8  $9.50 each

Speedometer Angle Drive

Just arrived! New design right-angle speedometer connection at the gearbox; used on all Elans, Plus 2 and Lotus Cortina. This new design replaces original Smiths unit, and it costs less too! 

Ref. 26F6000  $208.00

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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!